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Training Day Cafe

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About Training Day Cafe

As a decorated fitness enthusiast dedicated to providing quality health and training services, Amrinder Sahota has revolutionized the health food industry in the Lower Mainland. Amrinder has four provincial titles and three national titles in Olympic weightlifting which have transferred over to his passion for fitness and healthy living. With over 10 years experience in sports training, Amrinder has gained valuable skills such as weight training, fitness consulting, and weight-loss training.

The Challenge

I feel the most comfortable in this style! This is who I am! However I am always open to breaking out of my comfort zone to try new things and develop new concepts.

Key Issues:

Non-optimized website

Lack of Brand Harmony

Absence of Architecture and Interior design packs for brand locations

The Results :

Increased website traffic

Cohesive brand assets throughout all communication channels

Cohesive interior design & architectural features throughout all locations

Increase number of locations & franchisees

Completed Projects
Years Of Experience
Happy Customers