There is more to effective Marketing and Management than a degree in Business.

Some strategies are better taught through real life experiences than simply lectures. Hence, when it comes to marketing and management advice, we feel second to none. At FSH we have a perfect blend of young energy mixed with the value of age. Our campaigns are delivered only by business strategists who have had a proven track record within the sphere of influence.
We work with clients that have an existing brand or need to create a new brand. We start all the way from Design Brief, Concept Planning, Sketch Design, Logo Creation, Brand Manuals, Brand Roadmap, Catchment Analysis and much more.
While many graphic designers do marketing independently, we beg to disagree. Even with the prefix of digital, Digital marketing is a strategy that has to be instrumented by personnel possessing passion and skillsets in marketing.

Our palette includes :

  • Digital Roadmap
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • SEM
  • Social Media
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile and App Marketing
  • Directory Submissions
  • Online Press Releases and Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Video advertising
and much more ....
Garnered with strong roots in management and architecture all of our designers' even in the websites stream have been programmed to build a strong foundation before executing any project.

All of our current projects are initiated by business management experts who understand Brand DNA and positioning. Our projects typically start with a Current situation analysis and proceeds onto Site Map Architecture, UX/UI Mapping, Design Development and much more..

Our Websites are bolstered with attention from the start to finish by business experts who are intuitive about the market needs.
Masterplanning and Architecture like any other stream of design is an art. And we take pride in sticking to the traditional proven methods practiced by the legends.

Our designs kick off with a Design brief leading to Concept design, Sketch Design, Working drawings and Design Development.

Our team has been involved with projects as big as 8 square km to 1500Sft.
Within the sphere of interior Design, our services stretch from simple decorating, spatial planning, detailed design submittals, walkthroughs, 3D rendering and all the way to project management.

We treat each project as a fresh slate and try to infuse fresh design steam into each project.

We have a multifaceted design team that has the proven track record of managing residential, commercial, retail and industrial interiors.

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