We strive to see all efforts driven by purpose and mission in the Spirit of FSH.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God."


  • We seek to understand and accomplish GOD's purpose for the Company, worldwide;
  • We seek to emerge as a leader in design related solutions;
  • We seek to be a synonym for design worldwide and intimately express this in every project;
  • We seek to foster an atmosphere of love and goodwill within the circle of Employees, Clients, Partners, Suppliers and Shareholders, worldwide;
  • We seek to ensure that our contagious love will see that "all" benefit from our association;
  • We seek to see that our creativity, technological expertise, operating procedures and corporate values remain a valuable benchmark now and for the generations to come;
  • We seek to employ a Godly code of ethics and principles that are meaningful and respectful toward those who are affected by our actions;
  • We strive to employ our 'love in action' through community efforts that will not be driven by financial means alone;
  • We seek to ensure that our corporate governance and responsibility to the business community builds upon honesty, truth and transparency;